Slum Soccer while working to create a better society also wants to ensure a better environment for the people to live in. In addition to hygiene and nutrition, we also give the players environmental education to make them responsible for the same. We teach them wild life, forest conservation, water conservation, pollution control, energy conservation, tree growing and recycling.

Environmental education is given a great amount of weight in the whole curriculum which would also include projects form the participants. A project that is implemented successfully would promote them to the next level on that topic by giving them a suitable badge. This badge system would also be extended to all the disciplines of the curriculum. Simple exercises like planting a tree or conducting a campaign to reduce plastic product usage will bring a positive change surely. More than these activities it’s important to make people realise unless if they are responsible they wouldn’t have a good environment to live in the future.

Projects would need to be carried out to ensure the protection of environment happens on a sustainable basis.