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  • “Women do two-thirds of the world’s work, produce half of its food yet earn 10% of its income and own 1% of its property” – United Nations, 2012 report.   Women don’t need to be empowered, they are a potent force. Yet, when one looks at statistics the inequality narrates a different story. It’s this […]

  • A leader or the captain isn’t necessarily the best player on the team. Instead, they are diligent, emotionally strong athletes that spark action and loathe laziness. They are hard working players with work-a-day skills who lead by example with the ability to keep calm under fire. Regardless of how or where you draw the distinction […]

  • The fact that we are participating in an international event means the coaching standards we adopt are high. And as an organisation that believes in ‘Development form within’ most of our coaches were once participants. Through dedication and training by experts from abroad they are gradually become ace coaches. In the mean time we would […]

  • Livelihood training is one of the new initiative where would specifically address the employment problems of the players in the local community. This would essentially involve choosing players who are eligible for a specific paid position that is available in one of the nearby industry or an organisation and training them on the skills that […]

  • Slum Soccer National Championship is played for and by the underprivileged youth of India. A concept to change life in the slums 11 years back, where the underprivileged youth is only privileged enough to participate. Since last ten years, Slum Soccer has transformed this tournament into a National Championship, where teams from all over the […]

  • ‘Young stars’ is one of our main player development projects and is currently implemented at the Koradi centre. The aim of the project is to provide football training to the participants to bring them together and to ensure that they are provided with basic education. We track the educational progress of each participant as employability […]

  • Slum Soccer while working to create a better society also wants to ensure a better environment for the people to live in. In addition to hygiene and nutrition, we also give the players environmental education to make them responsible for the same. We teach them wild life, forest conservation, water conservation, pollution control, energy conservation, […]

  • In a country like India, women have always been kept away from sports. As we know that development through sport has a huge potential, extending the football program to women would drastically improve our chances to tackle gender inequality issues effectively. Women football development is in practice in three of our centres. We conduct daily […]

  • As an organisation that is involved in development through football without ignoring the development of the sport itself, football is indeed the vehicle that forms the basis of all our programs. We also extend our responsibility by ensuring fitness levels of the players. Good levels of fitness not only makes one a better player but […]