Slum soccer is promoting development through the medium of football on a daily basis. Providing them with a chance to play football will not only enhance their fitness but also skills like team-building, self-esteem, friendship, togetherness with the society, self-confidence and creativity. Organized coaching sessions with various trained coaches are conducted touching as many as seven hundred children every day.

Slum soccer has been conducting a nationwide football contest annually which has so far witnessed participation from 7 different states for the last 3 years. The tournament serves as a supreme platform for showcasing young talents and enables us to pick the squad that would represent the country in the Homeless World Cup. Slum soccer has been taking care of the travel and accommodation charges of all the participants and their coaches over these years.

We have been actively involved in helping the participants to get basic education and trying to put ‘drop outs’ back in to academics. We also encourage them to practice arts and crafts like dance, singing, poetry, drama.To keep tabs on the physical health of the participants we organize regular health check–ups by a general physician and a paediatrician. Psychological counselling is regularly done by a professional to assess the situation and evaluate behavioural changes, observation of instructional response. Nutrition talks present simplified facts of health and hygiene in the form of a program that makes it easy for our beneficiaries to make good choices when it comes to feeding their family. Through books, documentaries, photography and films we educate children on topics like Wildlife, Forests, water conservation, sanitation and Garbage Recycling so that they become environmentally responsible.

Sunshine foundation has been in association with us to complement our own activities. Project ‘Sunshine Kids’ has defined one of its primary objectives as “prevention of potential second generation trafficking”. Technical exchange has also been taking place in the recent days with organizations like ‘Dream a dream’ to the mutual benefit of all parties. Partnership with ‘United World school of Business’ helps us get sharp young minds to contribute to our cause. Apart from organizations a few individuals who are experts in their own domain are providing the kind of services that helps us cover the aspects of psychological health and physical health of the participants, awareness generation on Aids and education on Hygiene, Nutrition and environment.