Raftaar literally translates into speed. Slum Soccer has operations in centers spanning the entire expanse of the country but communications between them are difficult since we have no computer system. Through the funds raised for Project Raftaar, Slum Soccer will be providing relatively cheap and reliable netbooks to all of our 16 major football centers.  This will give us the opportunity to develop an online database for monitoring and evaluation with new improvements instantly available to all our centers so that we can keep improving the quality of our work.

The IT System will be a simple data gathering tool with the relevant information fed into the system online. Additionally, training modules and annual calendars uploaded online reduce the necessity for expensive travel and make communication easy. A forum for the center managers will enable them to share ideas and evolve them through discussion.

Immediate knowledge transfer is the obvious positive impact. The real time data that is available to the Slum Soccer admin team will give us an absolutely clear idea about the effectiveness of our programs and also will tell us if we are required to make any changes or tweaks to make sure our participants are receiving the full benefit of our sessions.

In the world of development, a little goes a long way towards making a difference.

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