Coaches Training

The fact that we are participating in an international event means the coaching standards we adopt are high. And as an organisation that believes in ‘Development from within’ most of our coaches were once participants. Through dedication and training by experts from abroad they have gradually become ace coaches.

In addition to training them to be a good coach we also focus on imparting them with leadership skills which calls for ‘Youth Leadership Program’ which identifies the potential leaders and trains them in various skills so they can grow to take up higher roles in the organisation. This program is run in association with various experts like lecturers and psychologists. The coaches are trained in various soft skills. They would be able to handle a group of players, delivering lectures on awareness, resolving conflicts, evaluate player behaviour, communicate to players and also to higher officials, identify areas for improvement, manage the resources, carry out the paperwork online and offline and also motivate and inspire other players.

At this point we are having a personality development program and a computer training program. By training the players to use computer is extremely useful for them to carry out tasks, present information to others, monitor progress, improve the language and use standard system to practice the given curriculum. As we are looking to develop people who would be heading a domain on their own, English training is also provided to them. For this purpose we are also seeking for volunteer who can conduct English sessions for the coaches as well as the participants.