Livelihood Training

Livelihood training is a new initiative which specifically addresses the employment problems of the players in the local community. This would essentially involve choosing players who are eligible for a specific paid position that is available in one of the nearby industry or an organisation and training them on the skills that are relevant for the job so that they become fit enough to do that job.

We are also trying to create similar opportunities in association with some of the companies. Apart from these participants, those who aren’t eligible wouldn’t be denied skill training. In addition to the values we impart we would also introduce creative learning and arts to them for the development of their emotional intelligence. This would also help us identify if someone has specific talent in arts. We would like to give them the options of music, dance, poetry, drama and painting among which a participant can choose two based on interest.

This creative learning for those who are in advanced levels and are legal adults would be extended to the standard livelihood training.