Health Camps

As an organisation that is involved in development through football without ignoring the development of the sport itself, football is indeed the vehicle that forms the basis of all our programs. We also extend our responsibility by ensuring fitness levels of the players. Good levels of fitness not only makes one a better player but also sound health gives a huge confidence. The problems regarding health particularly need attention in homeless population because of poor nutrition.

Slum Soccer tries to tackle this issue by conducting Camps that promote health. These camps are open for all people from the community. In addition to regular camps we also conduct seasonal camp as Central India has a wide range of climatic conditions. Usually a health camp is coordinated by a general physician and a consultant who can identify the causes of poor health among the population and provide them (with) a long term solution. As a major issue we try to get experts to give people suggestions to improve the nutrition levels in an affordable manner. Most of the basic expenditure to conduct camps is taken care by Slum Soccer itself. We believe in total health of the players.

So when we mean health, we talk about both physical and mental. We conduct mental health session with the help of psychologists to gauge the mental behavior and to give counseling to the most needed.