Young Leaders Program

A leader or the captain isn’t necessarily the best player on the team. Instead, they are diligent, emotionally strong athletes that spark action and loathe laziness. They are hard working players with work-a-day skills who lead by example with the ability to keep calm under fire.

Regardless of how or where you draw the distinction between leader and manager, soccer captains prove that good leadership stems from hard work, getting dirty, and keeping collected under fire. You don’t just need a yellow arm band to manage!

The Focus of Slum Soccer’s leadership program is groom future leaders within Slum Soccer;

  • Prepare participants with the skills and information to provide assistance to the management team and coaches in key functioning areas of the organization.
  • To expose participants to an elite group of presenters who are leaders within the organization
  • To increase interest in football, to introduce concept of social development through football.
  • Develop opportunities for participants to make a valuable contribution to the volunteer service provided by the organization.

To that effect the following attributes have been identified as essential to grooming our youth to become future leaders;

Communication Skills    Etiquette    Problem Solving    Social Evil
Character Building    Team Work    Entrepreneurship    Finance for Non Finance Executives
Self Discipline    Computer Skills    Public Speaking    
Creativity    Decision Making    General Knowledge