Started as a project to help children from the streets to learn to play the game of soccer, Slum Soccer has gathered more mass as it rolled on over the years, expanding into every area for development that can help the player to tackle life, even outside the soccer field.

The boys and girls and children are enrolled in the programme will be given a chance to play the game they love and in the process will be taught other aspects of life that they are completely unaware of.

This naturally veered towards the need of the hour – for every person to know everything about the extremely debilitating Aids/HIV which inexorably results in severely affecting the physical health of the person affected, and also is a social stigma so nobody talks about it. This is almost like ostrich burying its head in the sand to avoid being killed. Blacking out a pressing issue like AIDS or HIV is not going to help the society in any way. Instead it should be brought out in the open, discussed and the ignorant have to be educated, so they become aware of the imminent danger and arm themselves with the knowledge of how to prevent it.

Slum soccer has broken new ground in creating this total awareness among its cadres, by conducting tournaments where Awareness of Aids is the central theme, so that what is socially taboo, is no longer so.

This Aids Awareness tournament, the first of its path breaking kind, is going to be held by the Slum Soccer on December 1st, 2012, when 16 teams made of participants of our programme will be taking part. There will be counselling where the players can take part and learn how to be safe and protect themselves. After all, prevention is definitely better than cure. There will be workshops conducted towards this purpose, medication and pamphlets detailing preventive measures will be handed out and the matches will be played with the aim to propagate the imminent dangers of this silent killer disease.