Our Girls Proved It "Nothing is Impossible" ..!!!

Wednesday 13th, Jun 2018
Our Girls Proved It

The harder you work for something, the greater you will feel when you achieve it! This is what was proved by Shakti girls.

Our group of girls have successfully cherished in their SSC board exams, besides having played football for the whole year without any protest.

These are the girls from our Nagpur Shakti girls center who appeared for their SSC exams and came up with bright colors.

These are the girls from Nagpur Shakti girls center.

Mayuri Kakde                  72%

Isha Silare                      92%

Tulsi Chaudhari               61%

Sejal Sonare                   64%

Ayushi Suryawanshi             66%

Priya Thakre                   70%

Mayuri Marathe               85%

Rakshanda Sonekar         85%

Bhumika Deshmukh         88%

Priti Rasure                     74%

Shakti girls Hinganghat:

Damini Raut                  80%

Shakti girls, Wani:

Isha Urkule                       81%

Kalyani Urkule                   63%

“I’m very happy, my daughter made me proud today. Despite of playing football every day without fail, she achieved 92% in SSC”, said Mahesh Silare Isha’s father.

The Shakti Girls program has been especially developed to help young women to overcome additional barriers to their full participation in society.“Shakti” means power in the Marathi language. The program seeks to empower participants to fulfill their potential through providing a range of opportunities for development.  The programme has run successfully for 3 years in Nagpur, Hinganghat and Wani. With great efforts our girls had flourished in their exams.

Hearty congrats to our super talented girls..!