I attended the first module of the Game Changers Youth Leadership Program 2019 last week in Delhi. I learned life, football and leadership skills as well as the qualities of an ideal leader and much more.
Most of the activities were based on teamwork, planning, equality, respect, integrity, positive relationships etc.

In order to bring a change in ourselves and in our community, we need to get out of our comfort zones and work had on achieving the goals that we have set.

To be that person you should have a growth mindset; a fixed mindset cannot be used to do something that is challenging. Being resilient will be the key to shape a small start into bigger success.


This was the first time I have attended youth leadership training and it has inspired me to pass the messages to the rest of my community and bring about positive change. I have acquired knowledge about the problems and difficulties that I have been facing on a daily basis and how to lead communication with different levels of people.

I made a lot of new friends who live in other parts of India, I got to understand the problems they are facing. 
The training I have received will help me to start to engage children with football and to show them the path towards a good life.

I’m very thankful to @slumsoccer and @sonypicturesnetworks for this wonderful event. Thanks especially to the trainers who put their full efforts into making the course understandable and learnable while enjoying each and every activity.