Goals for Girls organized its Leadership Summit from 29th Dec 2019 to 5th January 2020 at Sathanur, Bangalore. Twelve teams from leading organizations from across the country took part in the summit, each team consisting of 7 football players, 1 youth leader, and 1 delegation leader. Slum Soccer had the honor and privilege to be one of the participating organizations and was represented by girls from our intervention community centers.

The Goals for Girls Leadership Summit unites grassroots football programs to collaborate, network and learn from one another through the beautiful game of football! The Summit is an incubation platform that educates girls on how to be more impactful leaders in their organizations and communities. The sessions at the Summit include field and classroom-based activities focused on leadership themes such as awareness, teamwork, communication and goal setting. Throughout the Summit, various cross-cultural exchanges occur between girls from various geographies, ages, religions, and backgrounds that amplify the beauty of bonding through a team sport.

The Summit not only enriched the knowledge and learning of our participants but also provided a window for gaining valuable experiences and exposure that is inherent in any travel.
“It was my first time to travel to another city with my teammates. Seeing hundreds of girls together participating in different games, laughing and dancing together even though strangers to each other upped my confidence and I started enjoying the activities. During the Summit I interacted with other participants, learned about their cultural traditions, cuisine and various aspects of their lives. I made friends hailing from different states. It was interesting to observe that all of them had a diverse approach to solve the problems they faced in their daily lives. What I enjoyed most during the summit was this Joie de vivre, this camaraderie. I did what I had never done before; freely express myself, share my views and motivate others to do the same.” Pranjali, one of the Slum Soccer team members gushed when asked to recall her experiences and learnings.

A key takeaway of the Goals for Girls Leadership Summit is “We are the Change” Projects! “We Are the Change” projects are girl-led initiatives that address challenges in marginalized pockets across India. Project ideation and storyboarding with all participating teams take place

“In our city, we have multiple problems like lack of water and electricity, incomplete construction and, more importantly, garbage problem. Identifying garbage as a major problem to be resolved in our community our team chose to work on solutions to the overcome the challenge of Garbage collection and disposal when we were asked to set select a project that will be a sustainable step for community development, We named our project ‘Spotless Nagpur’ and created one year’s action plan that we will follow for the 12 months” Rajeshwari, one of the most woke participants of Slum Soccer informs.

The highlight of the last day was a Cultural Nite which provided a platform for the summit participants to express themselves through cultural items and dances and share their experiences. Our participants returned with many new life lessons, fond memories, and new bonds of friendship and the music of that last dance of the Cultural Nite still ringing in their ears.