DeafKidz Goal!



  • India has one of the largest deaf populations in the world.
  • In rural and slum areas as many as 2 in 10 children in India may have some degree of hearing loss – potentially 35 million.
  • It is estimated that there are 6,000 D/deaf people living in Nagpur.
  • 50% of D/deaf children in school drop out by the age of 13 or never access school and are forced into child labour.

DeafKidz Goal! Is an exciting new life skills programme, including personal safety skills, for D/deaf children and young people in Nagpur. Slum Soccer and Deafkidz International have been awarded 3-year funding by Comic Relief UK to pilot the programme, which has just started and is being delivered through the platform of football (soccer) coaching.


Sport has a profound impact on the lives of D/deaf* children and young people globally. It provides a rare opportunity to self-express, and to connect with others on an equal basis. It allows for concepts to be built in engaging ways. It provides inspiration, excitement and enjoyment.

Over 3 years, DeafKidz Goal! will train a cohort of D/deaf people to become coaches, who will themselves deliver the life and personal safety skills programmes to marginalised D/deaf children and young people, delivered in their communication method of choice for many of the D/deaf children this will be through Indian Sign Language. It will empower D/deaf children and young people to develop vital everyday living skills in addition to their ability to stay safe. A number of D/deaf children and young people will progress to a leadership training course, to become champions, role models and potentially coaches themselves.


The project will also foster the integration of D/deaf and hearing children thus reducing the stigma/taboo of deafness, through football tournaments.

Slum Soccer staff and coaches across India have already received Deaf Awareness training to prepare them for working with D/deaf adults, children and young people.

If you are interested in becoming a coach and/or want your child to participate in the programme, please contact Sajid Jamal, Project Manager at or [WhatsApp/text +91 8380855918] for further information.

*The term D/deaf is used describe people who are Deaf (sign language users) and deaf (who are hard of hearing/deafened but who communicate through spoken language and may lipread and/or use hearing aids)

Meet the team


Mr. Sajid Jamal - Project Manager

Mr. Pankaj Mahajan - Project Coordinator


Ms. Mahima Barse - Project Coordinator

Mr. Sapan Waghmare - Indian Sign Language Interpreter

Here is the information translated into Indian Sign Language