Women Football Development

In a country like India, women have always been kept away from sports. As we know that development through sport has a huge potential, extending the football program to women would drastically improve our chances to tackle gender inequality issues effectively. Women football development is in practice in three of our centres.

We conduct daily football training sessions for women. The participation in the Homeless World Cup has hugely improved the effectiveness of this program. The players who have participated before in the tournament are seen as football players by other women. This has become such a huge inspiration that today five full time coaches are training hundreds of women players in those three centres. Also the activity has also been recognised by the Street football network who has invited the women team for another international event in Berlin for the year 2011. Also a major chunk of the awareness part of the curriculum has been given to women’s development.

We expect that in years to come women stand an equal chance in the sports as well as in the society.