Volunteer Positions & Job Description

A passion for Football and ability to have some serious fun is a pre-requisite for all positions.

Event Coordinators (Nagpur- 6Nos, Chennai - 5Nos & Kolkatta - 5Nos)
Event Coordinators are the SWAT team of Slum Soccer. Okay, maybe you won’t need a gun but you will definitely need to be able to think on your feet and work with teams. Event Coordinators help organize the wonderful events that we have at Slum Soccer intermittently and it is a great opportunity for those who want to be a part of Slum Soccer but have time constraints. A bachelor's degree in the ancient Indian art of "Jugaad" will go a long way in making you a star Event Coordinator.
Fund Raising Volunteers (Nagpur - 2 Nos, Chennai- 2 Nos, Kolkatta - 1, Delhi- 3 Nos, Mumbai - 3 Nos, Banglore - 2 Nos, Pune - 2 Nos)
So you are the guy who somehow always managed to get a "treat" at the college canteen? Maybe it is time you put your skills to some real world use. Fund raising volunteers must have good people & networking skills. Smooth& suave mannerisms are part of the essential skill set (Think Leonardo Dicaprio from 'Catch me if you can', not Circuit from 'Munnabhai MBBS').
Field Volunteers (Nagpur - 3 Nos, Chennai - 4 Nos, Kolkatta - 3 Nos.)
Field volunteers are at the heart of the Slum Soccer model. People who are interested in experiencing the concept of 'sports for development' will be trained and allotted a center to manage and coordinate. Field volunteers are responsible for various non-footballing aspects like designing sessions and mentoring kids etc. Multi-tasking skills are essential in this role and applicants will be asked to write an email and eat a cake simultaneously, while standing on their head. This position requires a fixed 10Hrs work/week and perks include…well you already got the cake. MSW preferred.
Footballing Coach (Nagpur - 2 nos, Chennai 1 Nos, Kolkatta 1 Nos)
This position is best suited for Pro Football Players/Coaches who would like to use their skills for the good of the society. You will get to groom 'Young Leaders' as Asst. Coaches under your training. Coaches need to have patience like Master Shifu as most of our kids are the living embodiment of Kung Fu Panda. Selective coaches will get a chance to coach the Indian HWC team. Prior coaching experience is must and Football Coach Certifications would be an added advantage. Also you may or may not be asked to interview while balancing a Football on your head.
Social Media Volunteers (3 Nos - Any Locations)
For all the social media butterflies who like to flitter from Facebook to Twitter, this is your true calling. Social Media volunteers have to manage all Social Media accounts of slum soccer, create content for the same and post news, updates, live feeds during events and keep us connected with our fans. So if you can tweet any novel in under 140 characters, and you speak the language of hashtags better than your mother-tongue, then we have one of the coolest volunteer positions for you to update in your FB Profile.
Content Writers (2 Nos - Any Location)
Content Writers at Slum Soccer are required to create content for our blogs, press releases, website, social media etc. Must be able to put thoughts to words eloquently and have language skills better than ChetanBhagat. It is one of the most chilled out positions at Slum Soccer as you can enjoy the events and interact with people and then go back home and do your actual work while slumping on the couch in your PJs. Applicants should have past work or blog to show for reference.
Photographer (2 Nos Nagpur, 2 Nos Kolkatta, 2 Nos Chennai)
Photographers are required to cover all events and activities at Slum Soccer and create and curate good visual content like video documentaries, promotional videos success stories etc. Photographers need to be able to teleport from one location to another and be omnipresent at all crucial moments during events. Applicants should have past work to show for reference.
Admin & Accounts (1 Nos- Nagpur, 1 Nos Chennai, 1 No Kolkatta)
Admin & Accounts volunteers need to maintain slum soccer accounts and coordinate between all volunteers and staff for running Slum Soccer operations smoothly. Applicants are expected to know everything there is to know under the sun and in the rare case when you don't, we'll act like you do.