Project EDUKICK is an initiative by Slum Soccer which focuses on the promotion of primary education for the children from the underprivileged section of the society who doesn’t get any chance to attend school and also for those who attend schools but their learning achievements are very poor.Project EDU-KICK aims to improve and build upon the existing educational outcomes and to improve its efficacy. The uniqueness of this model lies in utilizing existing resource to reach a new point. The proposed impact however does not exist to direct beneficiaries of the project but also the care taker and locality surrounding the participants and school. This project is an innovation in a way it uses technology very uniquely. The games are very new. The use of sports to teach life skills is not a new thing. Even we use sports for making change in lives.  But this was not our domain. No one has used for football for mathematics & financial literacy.


We have designed several games based on Soccer to teach Mathematics. We have games based on the topics- Number System, Tables, Even & Odd Numbers, BODMAS, Profit & Loss. Through this program, we will target the kids of slum areas and villages where they do not get good primary education and as a result they are ignored by the mainstream community. By using this program we would like to work on one of the MDG of UN which says that every child has a right to get primary education and it also comes under the right to education act in the constitution of India.