Both tournaments were held in a 4-A side format which ensures the game is fast-paced and not meant for the fainthearted! Slum Soccer, a FIFA-awarded Football for Development organization that uses football as a tool to educate, empower and provide opportunities to diverse and underprivileged communities throughout India, has been organizing this state-level tournament every year. The men’s tournament pays homage to the memory of Shri Nashikrao Tirpude who was a visionary leader of Vidarbha and the first Deputy Chief Minister of the state of Maharashtra.

These tournaments are held every year to provide a platform for the underprivileged youth from various districts of Maharashtra, to showcase their football skills. It is also a unique opportunity for them to impress the selectors and try to secure a place in the state team for the annual National Inclusion Cup organized by Slum Soccer. This year, the tournament witnessed participation from districts all across Maharashtra:

Districts participating in the men’s tournament Districts participating in the women’s tournament
Mumbai Gondia
Yavatmal Nagpur City
Wardha Nagpur Rural
Amravati Amravati
Pune Yavatmal
Nagpur City Wardha
Nagpur Rural Pune
Washim Chandrapur
Gondia Akola
Ahmed Nagar  

Nashikrao Tirpude Memorial Slum Soccer Maharashtra Men’s State Tournament 2022

The first phase of the tournament comprised of league matches, with the 12 teams split into 4 groups of 3 teams each:

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Chandrapur FC Nagpur City FC Nagpur Gramin FC Gadchiroli FC
Wardha FC Yavatmal FC Pune FC Washim FC
Mumbai FC Ahmed Nagar FC Gondia FC Amravati FC

In Group A, Chandrapur FC was the dominant force, winning both its matches and scoring an unbelievable 15 goals in the process. Wardha FC was the runner-up in this group after defeating Mumbai FC 6-3.

Nagpur City FC romped home as winners of Group B and notched up 16 goals to their credit. The second place in the group was sealed by Yavatmal FC who beat Ahmednagar FC 6-3 in the final league match. The goals were flying in, in Group C as well! Nagpur Gramin FC managed to outdo the winners of Group A and B, by scoring 20 goals in their two victories. Pune FC emerged as runners-up in Group C, behind Nagur Gramin FC. Group D proved to be far more competitive as the evenly-matched teams tussled and tried to inch ahead of the other. Gadricholi FC managed to put pipe Washim FC to secure the top spot, with one win and one draw. Two draws were enough for Washim FC to secure second place. Amravati FC fought gamely and scored 11 goals but with only one draw in two matches, they ended in third place in the group.

After the conclusion of the league matches, the teams faced off in a series of knockout games. Ahmednagar FC beat Gondia FC to secure 11th place, while Mumbai FC defeated Amravati FC for the 9th position. The other teams squared off in the quarterfinals, to decide which teams would take one step closer to the title.

In the first quarterfinal, Chandrapur FC beat Nagpur Gramin FC by a score of 5-1 to secure their spot in the semifinals. The second and third quarterfinals saw comfortable victories for Nagpur City FC (9-2) and Wardha FC (6-2) over Gadricholi FC and Pune FC respectively. The final quarterfinal between Yavatmal FC and Washim FC ended in favor of the former, Yatamal FC winning 12-4.

A knockout match for 7th position was played between Pune Fc and Washim FC, with Pune FC emerging as the winners with a score of 7-3. Nagpur Gramin FC, who had scored a bucketload of goals in the league games ended in 6th place after losing 4-3 to Gadricholi FC in a close encounter. The semifinalists now lined up to take their best shot at claiming the trophy! The first semifinal pitted Chandrapur FC against Wardha FC, in a rerun of the league match played between the teams in Group A earlier. Chandrapur FC once again stamped their authority on the pitch by defeating Wardha FC 7-2 and booking their spot in the finals.

The second semifinal was also a match-up between two teams who had faced each other earlier in Group B. In the league matches, Nagpur City FC had notched up a comfortable victory over Yavatmal FC by winning 9-3. However, the semifinals proved to be a different affair as the Yavatmal FC team seemed determined to avenge their earlier loss. The match was held in a highly charged atmosphere as both made back-to-back counterattacks and tried to seize the advantage. At full-time, the scores were tied at 2-2. Sudden death ensued in which Yavatmal FC narrowly emerged as the winners in the penalty shoot-out, with a score of 2-1. However, Nagpur City FC did secure their place on the podium, after beating Wardha FC 5-3 in the play-off to decide the 3rd position.

Finally, after a series of the league and knockout matches, the final was upon us! Chandrapur FC started the match as favorites are given their fine performance as the only undefeated team in the tournament and they proved their mettle in the final as well. Chandrapur FC’s Abhishek Revellivar and Rohit Sharma scored 5 goals each, while goals from Vaibhav Adhe and Krishna Raroker put Yavatmal FC on the scoreboard. A 10-2 victory resulted in Chandrapur FC lifting the trophy and emerging as well-deserved champions!

The closing ceremony was held right after the final, in which Mr. Rajkumar Tirpude (President of Yugantar Education Society Nagpur) along with Slum Soccer’s Founder & Secretary, Prof. Vijay Barse, were the guests of honor. They handed over the trophies to the teams and also addressed them with their inspiring words.

While addressing the teams and participants, Mr. Rajkumar Tirpude mentioned, “What was started to engage you in meaningful and productive activities has gone beyond my imagination. I am amazed to see deaf children playing with their hearing peers, something that was beyond my imagination and has been a delight to behold.”  The tournament was organized to provide the youth of Maharashtra an opportunity to play football and represent their districts, and by that measure, it was an unqualified success. We are also pleased to announce that during the tournament a team of 16 players have been identified who will represent Maharashtra and Vidarbha in the National Inclusion Cup 2022 which will be held by Slum Soccer.

Kalatai Tirpude Memorial Slum Soccer Women’s State Tournament 2022

The men’s tournament may have ended on March 31st, but there was more football to come! The excitement and drama were set to continue with the women’s tournament, which was scheduled on April 1st and April 2nd. 9 teams from districts around Maharashtra battled it out to claim the title of champions, in a series of league matches and knock-out games.

Group A Group B Group C
Wardha FC Chandrapur FC Amravati FC
Nagpur City FC Pune FC Yavatmal FC
Akola FC Nagpur Gramin FC Gondia FC

Each of the teams played the opponents in their group twice over the course of the league matches. Finally, after four games being played by each team, the group winners qualified for the next round.


Wardha FC were comfortable winners in Group A, winning all four of their matches. Chandrapur FC emulated the success of their counterpart men’s team and topped Group B after winning three games. Group C was a tight affair with both Amravati FC and Yavatmal FC notching up three victories. However, a superior goal difference meant Amravati FC ended up as the group winners.

The first qualifying match, for a place in the final, was played between Wardha FC and Chandrapur FC. Wardha FC continued the fine form they displayed in the league matches and extended their unbeaten streak by defeating Chandrapur FC 5-3.  Wardha FC now had one foot in the finals but defeat left Chandrapur FC in do or die situation.

The second qualifying match was played between Amravati FC and Wardha FC. Once again, Wardha FC proved to be a cut above the rest as they won by a comfortable margin of 8-4.  districts. With the win, Wardha entered the final of the tournament.

All eyes now turned to the last qualifying match, between Chandrapur FC and Amravati FC, The atmosphere was electric as both teams wanted to give it their best shot to secure a spot in the finals! The match lived up to the expectation and was closely contested. Ultimately, Amravati FC edged out as winners after beating Chandrapur 4-3 and setting a date with the undefeated Wardha FC for a chance to lift the trophy.

The final, being the most awaited match of the tournament, was played with much fanfare. The excitement and enthusiasm of the teams as well as the support were palpable. Wardha FC was undefeated but Amravati FC was charged up and looking to avenge their earlier loss. In the end, Wardha FC proved to be the better team as they continued their winning strike, defeating Amravati 6-1.